The University Children’s Hospital in Zurich is not only the largest paediatric clinics in Switzerland but also one of the leading centres for paediatric and youth medicine in Europe. Which is why patients come to us from all corners of Switzerland and abroad. The well-being and swift recovery of sick children is what we strive for every day.
Besides undertaking the normal tasks of a university hospital, we also train doctors to become specialists in their field. And we know that standing still is the equivalent of stepping backwards. Therefore our children’s hospital houses the first and as yet only research centre in Switzerland that is solely dedicated to paediatric research.

Areas of specialisation

The University Children’s Hospital Zurich is the largest paediatric centre for many services including heart problems, bone marrow transplant and burns. With our comprehensive service range of 32 medical sub-specialisations, we are on par with the largest children’s clinics in the world.
In fact, our medical and surgical clinic’s service range is typical of larger university hospitals.

Institute of Experimental Immunology

As part of the University of Zurich, this institute was founded in 1992 from parts of the Institute of Pathology (Experimental Pathology directed by Prof. G. Zbinden) and the Institute of Immunology and Virology (directed by Prof. J. Lindenmann, who co-discovered interferon with Dr. Alick Isaacs in 1957). Until 2008 the Institute was co-directed by Prof. Hans Hengartner and Prof. Rolf Zinkernagel, who was awarded the Nobel Prize of Physiology and Medicine 1996 together with Dr. Peter Doherty “for their discoveries concerning the specificity of the cell mediated immune defence”. Since 2008 the Institute is co-directed by Prof. Burkhard Becher and Prof. Christian Münz and hosts currently eight research groups investigating different aspects of mouse and human immunology in autoimmunity, viral infections and tumour development.
The major sub fields our hospitals excel in are:
Blood disorders, cancer in children, neuropediatrics, paediatric surgery and first endocrinological test.