Personalized Check-up

Once a doctor has reviewed your medical history, he may recommend a personalized check-up.
This includes a medical program and various health measures to treat or manage specific medical conditions you may have, or be at risk of developing.
Depending on the extent of medical investigations you need to undergo, you may spend a few days in a junior hospital suite.
The doctor may also organise additional specialized tests if necessary.
Some of the examinations in a personalized check-up may include:

Ophthalmological assessment – this comprises various tests to check for any eye disorders or vision problems (e.g. glaucoma, blurry or reduced vision);
ENT balance tests (to determine causes of dizziness and problems with body balance);
Genetic counseling – this helps people with an inherited family disease to understand more about their personal risks and how to manage them;
Micronutritional assessment – micronutrition studies the impact of micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids etc) on health. It also assesses any deficiencies and ways to optimise your micronutritional status;
Stress management advice;
Therapeutic health strategies and detailed monitoring plan.
We also offer medical check-ups for companies on request.