Face TriLipo


TriLipo technology offers a non-invasive, total skin rejuvenation treatment by combining two innovative techniques in a safe, fast procedure.
The two techniques – radio frequency (RF) energy Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA) – work to penetrate heat and stimulate three layers of the skin, namely, the dermis, subcutaneous fat located beneath the skin, and muscles.
This process encourages collagen production, restores skin elasticity and also tones and contours facial muscles.
When used on the face, TriLipo technology effectively treats various anti-aging conditions. These include:

tightening sagging skin on the face and neck (‘turkey neck’)
contouring the jaw line
lifting superficial facial muscles
reducing fine lines and wrinkles.


TriLipo technology uses the Maximus device to combine two effective actions – radiofrequency (RF) energy and dynamic muscle activation (DMA). These techniques work simultaneously and use a single applicator with multiple electrodes. The applicator has built-in safe default parameters.
These can be adjusted according to individual patient needs and the specific body area being treated.


1. Radiofrequency (RF) energy heats the subcutaneous fat tissue in the localized treatment area, accelerating natural metabolism of the fat cells. It also heats collagen fibers in the dermis layer, causing them to contract and produce new collagen over time. This results in wrinkle reduction and immediate tightening of the skin.

2. Simultaneously, a mechanical process called Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA) applies external contact. This activates internal facial muscles to contract. DMA results in better lymphatic drainage and speeds up the elimination of waste products from the body.
The liquefied fat from the cells are absorbed and released into the surrounding extra cellular tissue structures before they are gradually eliminated via the body’s natural processes.

The production of new collagen after TriLipo is a gradual rebuilding process. Patients will notice some immediate tightening with further skin tightening occurring over the next several months.


The loss of collagen is one of the most important factors in the visible signs of aging. The higher the presence of healthy collagen in the dermis, the more effectively the skin can maintain a youthful texture and resiliency.


TriLipo is a novel technology that provides safe non-invasive skin rejuvenation. It is especially appealing to patients who want skin tightening, but do not want or need a surgical lift. TriLipo is suitable for both facial and body areas and is effective on all skin types.


Results are visible after the first TriLipo treatment. Your skin will be visibly tightened, firmer and more toned. You should also notice a definite reduction of facial wrinkles. As more collagen is built up, there will be even more tightening of the skin over the following few months.
TriLipo treatments can be done all year round.
Most patients who have two or three treatments spaced one week apart – and follow it up with a TriLipo maintenance session every few months – report measurable, pleasing and long lasting ‘lifting’ effects.
For best results, we recommend six sessions spaced one week apart, and thereafter a maintenance session every eight to 12 weeks.


TriLipo MED requires no anesthetic
Minimal side effects after the procedure
Little or no down time – most patients can continue with their normal daily activities immediately afterwards
The procedure is painless, causing minimal discomfort
It effectively rejuvenates the eye and mouth areas, which are often difficult to treat successfully.


One day after the treatment you may experience mild swelling and some in the treated area.
Tiny scabs will appear on the skin surface. Do not rub them, as they will peel off naturally within a few days. You can wear make up to cover the treated area one day after the procedure.
It is advisable to use a broad spectrum UVA/UVB 30+ sunscreen and avoid sun exposure for few weeks after a TriLipo MED treatment, especially on the treated areas.
TriLipo can be offered in a variety of treatment options, including a combination of TriFractional and other esthetic procedures.