Dental treatment using the latest technology

Our experts in dentistry specialise in:

preservative treatment,
hygiene and prevention,
prosthetic rehabilitation and
aesthetic treatment.

Partial or total replacement of teeth…

Thanks to own laboratories, the practice has gained more independence and has more capacity and ability in dealing with fixed or removable prostheses and dental trays.

The latest tools to ensure more pleasant dental treatments!

Digital radiography and 3D imaging provide a panoramic image of your mouth. For less painful dental treatments, you can have a general anaesthetic with nitrous oxide – children are the exception.

Take appointments with our clinics for all types of dental treatments.

You can also get advice on the services we offer at the dental surgery.

Precaution treatments:

Filling of cavities
Treatment of caries


Root canal treatment


Treatment for children


Treatment of the tissue which supports the teeth

Prosthetic rehabilitation:

Fixed and removable prostheses


Teeth whitening

Prevention and hygiene:

Descaling and polishing
Fissure sealing

Our dentists have long history of experience and specialized training in various branches of dentistry. The team includes a Specialist in restorative dentistry and oral and maxillofacial surgery.

With our specialization and experience, we provide comprehensive expertise and professionalism in the dental and surgical diagnosis and treatment of the teeth and the oral cavity.

In order to achieve the best result for you, where appropriate, other disciplines experts are participating in interdisciplinary cooperation, such as in the areas of Ear, Nose and Throat Medicine, Plastic surgery, orthodontics and in other fields.

The benefits to you are our target.

Our goal is an individual, your wishes and needs appropriate treatment at the highest level.

We are mainly engaged in our own practices. As a big plus we can perform when required surgical treatments in our clinics under the optimal conditions and in accordance with the quality standards of a clinic.

Expertise in the investigation, assessment and treatment of dental and dental surgical concerns from simple to complex problems (aesthetic, reconstructive dentistry, implant treatment, dental surgery, orthodontics, etc.)

Cooperation of specialized dentists – it gives you an optimal care and treatment thanks to the extra power that is possible in a team.

Individuality – it is still guaranteed, as always personally takes care of a specialist dentist for you in the totality of your request.

Specialists with extensive experience who work closely and specifically educate – they provide a warranty for a professional treatment.

Experience of over 20 years in the field of dental implants with different systems.

Fulfilment of the highest aesthetic standards (invisible, natural-looking dental reconstructions; Orthodontics with invisible braces, correction of the gums decline; bleaching, etc.)

Possibility anaesthesia during the treatment, if desired or appropriate.

Our clinics’ philosophy is synonymous with complete satisfaction, a regained sense of self-esteem and a feeling of being in harmony with your natural beauty.
Patients who would like an aesthetic procedure are in capable hands and can look forward to highly trained physicians, qualified staff and a hospital that is at the cutting edge of medical developments.
Highly competent, experienced specialists offer you the full range of aesthetic plastic surgery, oral and maxillo-facial surgery and cosmetic dentistry.
The treatment rooms and operating rooms at this leading private clinic are equipped with the latest medical equipment.
Exclusive single rooms and suites are available for inpatient care, providing patients with a pleasant atmosphere to recuperate in, with 5-star standards.
Areas of expertise at this top Swiss cosmetic clinic are nose jobs, breast enlargements and facelifts.
Dental procedures on offer include synthetic root implants, and the corrections of congenital or acquired deformities of the mouth, jaw and facial area.
Leading dental specialists will help you achieve the natural, beautiful smile you have always wanted, aided by excellent technical equipment and the most advanced clinical standards.