How to get the most from anti-aging medicine

The anti-aging medical approach also focuses on aspects of preventive medicine, which means adopting a healthy lifestyle at an early age. From age 40, doctors use anti-aging medicine to evaluate a patient’s individual risk factors for premature aging, so they can implement strategies to preserve health.

Steps you can take from a young age and in adolescence to minimize aging include:

  • Maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding serious diseases related to obesity;
  • Always keeping the skin well moisturized;
  • Minimizing exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays by using high sun protection factor (SPF) sunscreen products and avoiding sun exposure and tanning beds throughout your life;
  • In adolescence, eating a balanced diet which is appropriate to fulfil the needs of your growing body;
  • Avoiding alcohol and tobacco;
  • Staying active with regular exercise.

Anti-aging measures to take from ages 30 to 35 years

  • As hormonal secretions slow down, they impact the body in various ways, including weight, skin quality and mood;
  • Make sure you eat a balanced diet with plenty of food variety;
  • Engage in regular sports activity to counteract the harmful effects of physical inactivity;
  • Mesolift treatments and anti-aging creams are important to moisturize the skin;
  • Fruit acid skin peels performed by an anti-aging doctor can help to stimulate cell regeneration and retain the skin’s youthful glow;
  • Treatments that use a photo modulation LED lamp are advisable at this age. They stimulate the cells to produce new collagen and keep skin rejuvenated;
  • Hyaluronic acid filler injections effectively fill small lines and wrinkles that start to appear around the eyes and mouth area.