Fertility and Sexual Health

Infertility is a difficult condition, especially if parents really want to have children. Increasingly, couples are opting for in-vitro fertilisation. To support them, We offer them diagnosis and treatment in several medical centres specialized in the Centre for Medically

Assisted Reproduction. These clinics have put together multidisciplinary teams, including specialised gynaecologists, biologists, andrologists and psychologists). Their goal is to simplify as much as possible the long journey to in-vitro fertilisation for couples who have made that choice.

Adapting to the couples and their needs

The advantage of the MAR is that it provides personalised care of the couple by a specialised physician. Each gynaecologist at the Centre also has his or her own office in town.

Furthermore, our specialists in reproductive medicine have knowledge not only of gynaecology, but of psychology and endocrinology as well, which simplifies the procedure and reduces the number of doctors involved.

Indeed, the IVF (in-vitro fertilisation) does raise many questions with couples choosing this method, and our doctors need to broach the subject with lots of tact and sensitivity, including at times of doubt and high emotion. Each year, several hundred couples come to Switzerland seeking this treatment.