Acoustic Wave Therapy


For millions of women worldwide, cellulite is a major aesthetic concern. Unlike normal fat, cellulite cannot be eliminated by conventional exercise and dieting and also worsens over time. But there is a safe, non-invasive way to significantly improve the appearance of unsightly dimpled cellulite, in the form of Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT).
AWT uses oscillating acoustic ultrasound to create rapid pulsation on the skin surface. It disrupts scar tissue and relaxes cellulite-causing connective tissue. It also stimulates the nerves, enhances blood circulation in the tissues and initiates collagen production. This results in stronger, smoother skin and a noticeable reduction in cellulite.


Cellulite affects 85–98% of women of all races, ages and sizes. Because it is usually not related to body weight, even slim women can suffer from cellulite.


Unlike many cosmetic treatments AWT does not destroy any tissue, but allows the body’s natural healing process to accelerate the recovery from the multi-fold problems which are the contributing factors of Cellulite. Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT) uses ultrasound pulses and a mechanical massaging process to:
• Selectively target fat cells in specific problem areas without affecting the surrounding tissue
• Vibrates and disrupts connective tissue to firm and smooth the skin
• Improve circulatory exchanges, which entail inflow of nutrients and outflow of waste products
• Restore elasticity of connective tissue Initiate inflammatory process leading to thicker skin through collagen production.


Cellulite need not make you self-conscious and embarrassed about your appearance. Acoustic wave therapy treats this problem on multiple levels and offers impressive results.
AWT is indicated for:
• Reduction of fat and cellulite treatment
• Skin toning
• Tightening and skin rejuvenation
• Smoothing scars and wrinkles

What causes cellulite?

There are many complex biological factors that affect the formation of cellulite in women. One of the key factors in cellulite involves the underlying structure and relationship of fat (adipose) tissue to connective tissue.
Other factors that play a role in cellulite formation include pregnancy, genetics, hormonal changes, aging, diminished circulation and decreased lymphatic drainage. Cellulite forms in the superficial fat layer.
When scar tissue (fibrotic tissue) forms around the fat cells, they become enlarged and are unable to function normally. The scar tissue traps fluids, reduces blood and lymphatic micro circulation, resulting in gradual stiffening of the surrounding connective tissue.
This stiffened tissue weakens in cellulite-prone areas. Enlarged fat cells protrude into the dermis, pulling down on the skin and causing the unattractive dimpling appearance of the skin surface.


AWT produces guaranteed results after six 20-minute sessions. These include visible reduction in the appearance of cellulite and improved firmness and texture. Some clinics in the USA have reported a 98% success rate. Results last six to twelve months before limited maintenance sessions are required.


• AWT treatment is painless and non-invasive
• Minimal discomfort – some patients experience some skin reddening during the procedure, but they usually describe the treatment as a ‘strong pleasant massage’
• Safe and effective treatment
• Little or no side effects
• No down time – people can resume their normal daily activities immediately afterwards


AWT treatment sessions usually last between 20 and 30 minutes. Results are usually visibly from around the fourth or fifth session.
For best results we recommend between six and 10 sessions spaced three or four days apart.