TriFractional for the face

WHAT IS TriFractional?

TriFractional is an advanced skin rejuvenation technology. It treats facial wrinkles and scars while causing partial or fractional skin surfacing to improve overall skin texture.
TriFractional uses three different pulse technologies to deliver radio frequency (RF) energy via several micro-electrode pins.

The TriFractional process enables RF energy to safely penetrate into specifically targeted layers of facial tissue to achieve dramatic skin surface renewal results. It does not overheat or damage the treated areas.


TriFractional energy pulses create microscopic wounds that activate the body’s natural healing response mechanism. The process also stimulates collagen fibers – vital components in the skin’s structure – to contract and regenerate or remodel in a process called neocollagenesis.
By precisely targeting specific treatment areas, the TriFractional treatment ensures that zones in between the targeted areas are left intact.
After the procedure, these untreated cell areas function as a natural ‘healing center’ to promote the body’s own effective healing processes.
The three-pulse technologies used in the TriFractional process successfully achieve skin rejuvenation in the following way:
The first pulse (called a micro-ablative pulse), targets the outer skin layer (epidermis), where it destroys pinpoint size spots;
The second pulse penetrates deeper into the skin’s dermis, heating the tissue of the targeted treatment areas;
The third pulse penetrates and heats the skin’s mid-dermis layer.
In the dermis and mid-dermis layers, the pulse induces collagen fibers to contract and regenerate (neocollagenesis).


The growing need for cosmetic facial enhancement procedures with low risk and minimal down time has led to the development of non-surgical skin rejuvenation methods like TriFractional.


TriFractional’s sophisticated three-pulse technology offers safe facial skin rejuvenation. It has shown to be effective in:
Reducing fine lines and wrinkles
Improving the appearance of scars (i.e. stretch marks and acne)
Increasing skin firmness and brightness
Reducing skin pigmentation and enhancing even skin tone
Improving skin irregularities and reduction in pore size.


TriFractional offers visible and dramatic skin surface renewal results, even after the first procedure.
TriFractional treatment sessions are normally spaced at intervals of four to six weeks apart.
It is usually recommended to have two or more TriFractional treatments to achieve the best results when treating scars, wrinkles and severe acne scarring.


Quick, safe and effective way to achieve dramatic skin rejuvenation and treat wrinkles, stretch marks and acne scars
Minimal discomfort
Virtually no down time, so you can resume your normal activities soon
You can use moisturiser and foundation or make up to cover the treated area one day after treatment.


If your doctor is only treating a small area, the TriFractional process takes a few minutes. It can take roughly 30 minutes for a full face treatment
Before your TriFractional treatment, the doctor will apply a topical cream to numb the treatment area. As the micro-electrode pins emit the RF energy, you may feel a short tingling sensation.
Slight swelling, redness or feeling some heat in the treated area may occur after a TriFractional procedure. However, these side effects are temporary and usually disappear quickly.
About two or three days after having a TriFractional treatment, you will notice groups of tiny scabs on the epidermis around the treated areas. Don’t try to rub or peel them off; they will come off naturally within a few days.
Apply emollient cream for one or two days after the procedure. We also recommend using a broad spectrum UVA/UVB 30+ sunscreen and avoiding sun exposure for few weeks after a TriFractional treatment.