Ophthalmology deals with disorders affecting the eyes, eyelids and the muscles that move the eyes. Our Clinics offer our patients an ambulatory ophthalmology consultation. Our doctors will treat nearly all eye and vision pathologies, offer eye check-ups as well as general screenings.
Our ophthalmologist specialists treat the various structures and functions in and around the eye, all kinds of injuries and disorders of the eye, eyelid and eye muscles. Cataracts (a lens disorder), glaucoma (pressure in the eye) and strabismus (squint) are among the best-known disorders.

Specialist equipment is used to check the patient’s vision or the pressure inside his eye, amongst other things. The results of these tests help the ophthalmologist to reach a diagnosis and choose a method of treatment.

An ophthalmologist can carry out operations on the eye such as corneal transplantation or lens replacement if he has received further training in ophthalmic surgery. Present-day eye operations use the latest techniques, such as lasers or microsurgery, to ensure that the surgical intervention is precise and meticulous.

Our ophthalmologists are also able to perform complex tear duct surgery when working alongside an otorhinolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat specialist).